Billabong Pico Alto, going off

These photos were taken by Richard Hallman during the big wave world tour two weeks ago in Pico Alto, South of Lima (Peru).

I met Richard the following day, in Pacasmayo. He joined us to surf that swell in smaller conditions (see video here) and was happy to share photos of the 35 to 40ft monster waves he witnessed the day before! Richard takes photography pretty seriously. Having worked for numerous high-profile brands such as Patagonia, Nike, or National Geography and ESPN, and having won the Banff Mountain photo competition in 09, I felt privileged that he was happy to share his work on The Duck Whisperer.


1. Carlos Burle (BRA) 2. Greg Long (USA) 3. Ken “Skindog” Collins (USA) 4. Jose Gomez (PERU) 5. Ramon Navarro (CHI) 6. Jeffrey Rowley (AUS)

See more of Richard’s work on


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