Panama city, great vibe, amazing canal

Before heading to Nicaragua and after a nice surf session under tropical rain, I did a bit of tourism and loved it!

The canal is just incredible to watch in operation (check out the video)

The city is as modern as it gets, until you get to the ghettos or the old town: huge contrasts

As usual, here is the movie:

Check out the live webcam of the canal here Canal live cameras

Facts & figures:

20,000 French workers & 6000 Americans died building the canal, from yellow fever mainly

14000 ships per year on average go through the canal, 4% of world trade

Works 24/7

Average toll is USD54,000 and depends on the type of vessel, size and type of cargo carried

Only under Panama’s control since 2000, previously owned by Colombia, then France, then the US

Started building in 1881 by the French, completed in 1914 by the US,

82km long, between Atlantic & Pacific oceans

The original gates are 790 tonnes each and are still in use today after 99 years

The French effort went bankrupt and abandoned in 1890

The canal shortened a ships voyage by 20,900kms, avoiding ships traveling around South America



8 thoughts on “Panama city, great vibe, amazing canal

  1. Hi Ben, I am following your adventures in amazement. It is just fantastic and I am enjoying it immensely. Bets regards, Mark Lennox


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