Chicama: Go there! World’s longest wave…

Here is a short movie about the world’s longest wave, in Chicama, Peru

First, we got permission to go to a “secret spot”:

On the way to Chicama we (two cool Swiss guys I met in Lobitos , my Irish mate and I) were given permission to stop for 2 days at a secret surf spot. A friend from Lobitos organised for us to surf this special place where no one goes for 2 reasons: it is  apparently close to a fairly unsafe village (“Don’t take any valuables, not even your watch” he said!), and the only surfer there would apparently prevent anyone to surf his break.. You need his permission! He surfs it alone, he even dug the access to the spot himself so he can drive closer and gets barrels daily! I can confirm, it is so far the most powerful wave I have surfed in Peru, but I haven’t surfed Cabo Blanco or Pico Alto. I don’t know why we were given permission… perhaps because he is considering turning it into a small business eventually, and because we are not Brazilian surfers (they have a very bad reputation here… lack of surf etiquette!).  Despite all these warnings, the guy was super friendly, although not overly relaxed, and the area seemed ok. Then, off to Chicama!

Chicama  really doesn’t seem real… swell lines to the horizon

World’s longest wave: apparently 4kms… I can see that!

Empty line up… didn’t see more than 20 surfers at any given time.

You need a good pair of leg… it took me 40 min at high tide from the middle section to the “cave”

Chicama was surreal. I just went there twice for 4 days in the past 2 weeks. This place can apparently only work on 10ft swell or more, although 7 to 9ft worked really well.This place is famous for having the longest wave in the world, a left. It goes for 4kms. It is actually impossible to surf it all the way in one go since your legs get so tired, and it has some sections. It is manageable to do it in 4 or 5 waves apparently, but you need a BIG swell… very long rides.  I got countless amount of waves over the one minute mark. If you fall off or need a rest, just wait for the next wave coming right behind and off you go again! It is a dream.

The only issue is the fact that some surfers use boats to bring them back to the peak. These boats ruin the face of the waves with the wake they create, and the surfers using them ruin the line up as they get dropped off in front you and get waves without worrying about the good ol’surfing etiquette. The current can be quite strong here so forget about paddling back. And just walk back (about 50min if you go all the way).

I recommend staying at Los Delphines hotel, right at the front, on the cliff. They advertise 120 soles a night but you can get a room for 30 soles. Eat at El Hombre, the lovely old lady there makes great breakies. Some people say that you can get robbed when you are walking back along the beach… I really can’t see that happening. It is such a chilled out place!


3 thoughts on “Chicama: Go there! World’s longest wave…

  1. Gringos
    hombre de aspecto increíble, así que feliz por ti, y estás haciendo un gran trabajo con ustedes videos.all mejor y ponerse pronto a través de Skype


  2. Holy shit – I can exactly imagine your face when you saw those swell lines for the first time!!! Wish I was there, they even look beginner friendly, *sigh*!


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