Puemape, a quiet place in Peru

20 people live in Puemape, with no electricity

Uncrowded left hander… but didn’t really work when I was there

I learnt to be patient and wait

Perfect time to study my Spanish

Here is a short film on this cool little place:

What an awesome little place to chill after 4 weeks of non-stop surfing. Well, ideally we would have liked to have more waves here, but having our own house, with amazing views, in a an empty village was like heaven. I cooked every meal (which is a novelty for me),  and spent time learning Spanish . I was there with 2 New Yorkers and my Irish mate, so we spent hours questioning each other about how good each of our countries are for surfing!

A few tips:

To get to Puemape you can get a taxi for 130 soles from Chicama (about 50km North). There seem to be 2 places to stay although where we stayed was not finished and not quite meant to be open. It is called Hostel Puerto Moderos and is right in front of the wave with the water coming right up to the front stairs. It cost 60 soles per night per room of 2 beds. You can also stay at Puemape Lodge. There are also 2 places to eat but they are expensive so it is recommended to bring your own food (20 soles for Ceviche). You can buy food from the little town up the road (10km) called San Pedro.

The wave is meant to be good and it picks up more swell than Chicama or Pacasmayo. It needs a South West swell and 4ft, 15sec looks like enough. It was 6ft 12 second when we arrived but didn’t break well.  It is recommended to surf in the morning as the wind picks up from around 11 am. Currents are really strong here too!

From Puemape, you can head to Pacasmayo where the wave is almost as long as Chicama but much more powerful. It is a 30min taxi ride (30 soles). Easy!


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