Wilson’s prom

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Some people say it looks like Thailand, some say it’s possibly the prettiest place in Australia. Regardless, it is unbelievable to have such a place only 3 hours from Melbourne ( a bit longer if you get on the road on a Friday night when half of Melbourne gets in camping mode). I recently went there with a bunch of friends who don’t really surf and often get frustrated when giving it a go along the great Ocean Road… have you ever tried to duck dive a 7-foot mini malibu ? On that weekend, Wilson’s prom was much different: no one in the water so no excuses for being intimidated by overly talented grommets, tiny & clean pealing crystal blue waves, 30 degrees C, and wildlife galore, including millions of march flies with anger management issues!…my girlfriend caught a good 15 waves!

Another short movie to illustrate the good times:


5 thoughts on “Wilson’s prom

  1. Looks absolutely beautiful mate! Great job with the video it came out really good.

    I just wanted to stop by and say congrats on being a finalist in the BigBlogExchange. I wish you the best!



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