Dudes in the dunes

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Anyway, I am now back home, in Melbourne,  but keen to keep that “traveler’s open mind” alive and keep trying new random experiences, in Australia! Here is a fun one that went down last weekend:

As I was doing my round of catch-ups with old mates from home after being away since May last year, my brother from another mother Petri said: Ben – drive 4 & a half hours Friday night, come hang out with a bunch of my petrol-head talented dune buggy racer mates, get in my pimped up, jacked up 4×4, and help me film the race. Off I went to Portland, Victoria (close to the border of South Australia). It was pretty damn special, and I am convinced I met some of the funniest Aussies there are out there. These guys literally couldn’t make one sentence without cracking a joke, couldn’t walk 50 meters without trying to act like clowns, their anecdotes were straight out of out of Jackass 5,  and nothing seemed to phase them – even when their overly expensive race car broke down before the race even started! (They just saw it as an opportunity to party even longer & harder!)

Watching these guys going at 140km/h in the dunes was almost as entertaining as having a few beers with them!


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