Sailing to Colombia, or trying to……

A short movie (soundtrack recorded during the trip with Gwen & Ariane – it sounds better with headphones!):

A friend I traveled with through a few countries told me of this boat that sails from Panama to Colombia, while looking for waves. I found it when I got to Panama City, as it was about to leave for its last crossing this year. It was meant to be smooth sailing from Puerto Lindo to Cartagena, surfing a few waves in the magnificent San Blas islands, and getting to Cartagena 6 days later. We did get there eventually, but…

We did get stuck in a night storm

We did have some mechanical issues

We did drift away with no wind and no motor

We did have to leave the boat in the middle of the San Blas islands

We did spend 11 days getting to Cartagena instead of 6

We did have to take 6 more local boats and a 9-hour bus to get there

We did…not get any waves

We did…not have toilets on the boat after 4 days

We did have 12 people on board instead of 8

We did have a cat too

We did get some heavy rain every day

We did have a socially challenged captain

We did sleep in a magnificent traditional Kuna village

We did spear fish or snorkel most mornings before brekkie

We did swim with a 6-foot shark

We did run out of rum

We did have an unforgettable time

We did become the best of friends

8 thoughts on “Sailing to Colombia, or trying to……

  1. tes photos, ton film … non, rien y fait ! même pas mal !

    je préfère, et de loin, les ruelles typiques de Pont, la météo pityoyable de ces derniers jours, l’écureuil prenant chaque jour ton beauf’ préféré ( désolée Steph ! ) en otage, ,les gastros et les poux indomptables ramenés de l’école, nos magnifiques centres commerciaux bétonnés, la courtoisie des francais au volant, la performance inégalable de notre gouvernement et de l’opposition…

    Non vraiment, je ne vois pas l’intérêt de ton trip !
    Bref, tu fais fausse route mon frère ! Reprends- toi vite !
    Enfile moi tout de suite ton plus beau costume, file faire du chiffre, achète- toi un gros 4×4 noir et arrête de nous énerver, “non de non” !!!!

    Take care, much love …


  2. well done ben! that brings back good memories about a special trip and about special people. hope, all of u r travelling safe. loads of amazing experiences and enjoyable adventures to all of u! merry x-mas and all the best for 2013!


  3. Ce petit film, par ailleurs très bien réalisé, me donne la joie de partager un petit du voyage avec ma fille chérie Ariane et Guillaume. Que j’aimerais bien être de la partie et plonger aussi dans ces belles eaux.


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