Puerto Escondido, a little heavy – Mexico

Playa Zicatella in Puerto Escondido, Mexico,  is home of a world renown beach break, often called Mex-pipe. Hopefully the movie will give you a good idea of what the wave is like.

It was not even that big, but I got a little scared out there

Heavy waves breaking in shallow waters, and closing out 80% of the time

It gets much heavier than what we surfed…

I heard of this Aussie guy who snapped 18 boards in 6 months on this wave

Time for me to go to Cuba and experience something that seems to be intense in a very different way!

Photo contribution: Tetouze, tetouze3@hotmail.fr


4 thoughts on “Puerto Escondido, a little heavy – Mexico

  1. Amazing pictures ! Good good job. Congratulations Bôf. And the video, as usual, is great (I have just a problem with the last 10 seconds, I can’t watch it).
    Have fun in Cuba.


  2. Always good catching up with your videos and what you’ve liked about the place. Looks much shallower than I would have imagined…

    Good luck with the rest of your travels,


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