A long night

Two months ago, I met a Brazilian guy in Peru who told me: “Go to Puerto Sandino in Nicaragua, you will catch the easiest barrels of your life”. So off I went, and here I am but there is no swell! I have been surfing 2-foot waves for 7 days, waiting for a swell to show up.

Two days ago, as I was wondering how to entertain myself, I decided to go and ask the local fishermen if I could go fishing with them the following day. I have been seeing them coming back every day at around 9am, so with my no-knowledge of fishing, I assumed that they must leave around 5am and come home 4 hours later.

The first guy I talked to didn’t really understand my Spanglish but a young local suggested I come back at 3:30pm to talk to the captain of the boat. I went back and all was agreed… We were leaving in 1 hour! They leave every day around 5pm to come back 15 hours later.

The fishermen Antonio, Roger & Gerardo are in there mid 20s, and the captain whose name I didn’t understand was as friendly as it gets. These guys were so excited to go fishing, which is amazing considering they do that 5 days a week, and only sleep 3 hours per day!

As soon as we left, they all had a few shots of their local 35° alcohol, went as hard as they could with their super basic boat and got to work while joking, singing and playing tricks on each other all night.

We didn’t catch as much as they hoped and the locals looked pretty disappointed with what we had to sell on our return, but what an inspiration to see such hard workers enjoying what they do.  To top it all up, the swell had arrived when I got back. Happy days.

Here is a little movie:

And here are a couple of photos:


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