Every blog has a fancy quote…

…so here is mine! It’s a full on one, and it is in French, but since my dad passed it on to me, I thought I should share the wisdom!

“Lorsque l’eau est en repos et sans vie,

elle devients amère et pleine de vase, l’eau qui court comme

un torrent rugissant demeure pure et claire, de même l’âme

du sédentaire est faite de vase dans laquelle fermentent les regrets

éternllement remâchés, seule l’âme du voyageur fait jaillir comme

des torrents d’eau claire les idées nouvelles de les actes imprévus.”

Mohammed Hassade

And here is my half-baked English translation:

“When water stays still for too long,

It becomes bitter and murky,  Water that flows,

like a roaring torrent, stays pure and clear, similarly

the soul of sedentary people is made of murky water in which brew eternal

regrets, only a traveler’ soul gushes with clear water,

new ideas and unforeseen events.”

Now it’s meditation time! No pressure!


3 thoughts on “Every blog has a fancy quote…

  1. nice to see you still can be heard by your young 32 kid!
    We have to leave the swimming pool filtration on to appeal our kangaroo surfer!!


  2. Great quote!! and great surfing – will have to come and watch you in action sometime. Take care – enjoy brigitte & Tony


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