Mont Blanc, Chamonix – France



2 thoughts on “Mont Blanc, Chamonix – France

  1. Ben, Stoked you continue pushing new personal limits. As someone who has spent a fair bit of time in the mountains, I – like you – find the “gratification” part to be much more reflective than in the moment. Generally, I file my mountaineering experiences in the category of: “Be careful what you ask for… you just might get it.”

    That said, it’s a stoker you’re exploring new muscle memory and not simply doing the rinse & repeat of your eminently more casual/comfortable surf trips. In short, you’re an inspirational dude for me and many. So, good on ya, mate.

    All is well here in Montana. Snuck out for an early mountain bike ride this morning. T’was cool & dewy which makes the wildflowers extra electric. Planning to spend a few months in Ecuador this coming winter. Did you make it there on your Central America/Mex/Caribbean tour? If so, send beta.

    Casey Smith and Jan Krieger would want me to send you double shakas.

    Keep the exploratory flame hot.

    Su Amigo, Miguel H.

    MIKE HARRELSON m 406-581-2879


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    1. Gday Mike, Thanks a lot for your good words – much appreciated! So much to see out there it is actually a challenge to stay home and stop “exploring”! Re Ecuador, I have been a couple of times. Both the surf and the mountains are good (Cotopaxi was beautiful), but my favourite memory over there is the Galapagos… you must go. It can be done super cheaply too, and uncrowded waves! Say hi to Casey and Jan…I might hit Casey up for another Alaska trip (in winter this time). Mucho suerte Hermano


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