Off we went to Iceland, hoping to find some waves and confirm whether or not all the amazing photography we’d come across in National Geographic and the like had been photoshopped to death…given that they always look so suspiciously spectacular. Well, after 4369km criss-crossing the country, (running into artic foxes, drinking Viking beers.), we can put your minds at ease and conclude that Iceland is majorly surfable and its fjords, glaciers, waterfalls, northern lights and volcanos are… Let’s just say we highly recommend you go check it out for yourself!)


4 thoughts on “N I C E L A N D

  1. Ben, You – and your penchant for far-flung surf travel – are badass. While I’m a bonafide warm-water-wuss, you and your keen accomplices are out there shredding those lonely waves. And the campsites, and open road, and staggering landscapes looked magical, too. Abrazos, amigo!

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  2. Love, love, LOVE it. Keep the exploratory flame hot, amigo. Particularly in places where large chunks of glacial ice litter the beaches!

    MIKE HARRELSON m 406-581-2879 mikeharrelson.com


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