Winter Wonderland – North America

From British Columbia to Idaho, Oregon… and back to B.C… via Washington state

Watch that one in HD.

This is our second road trip around the Pacific Northwest – same trusty van, same dodgy CD’s, some of the same country side & a whole lot of more snow…

Six months ago in the middle of summer we were cruising Alaska & the Canadian Rockies in t-shirts: this time minus the sunshine & add snowboarding, snow skating, sledding, snowmobiling, backcountry split boarding & a sweet detour via Idaho to Portland… all with our good mates from Sydney who shared their whole (awesome) honeymoon with us. Happy days!


6 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland – North America

  1. Fantastic……..once again love the music! As I am sure you know we have over 40 degrees here in Aus…..something to look forward too!!!!


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