Rip Curl Pro vs. Cirque du Soleil

Why Bells Rip Curl Pro is better than Cirque du Soleil?

It is cheaper than Cirque du Soleil (25 bucks vs. 2 hundy)

It is longer than Cirque du Soleil (over a week vs.  2hours)

It is more arty than Cirque du Soleil (believe me, or check the short film & pics)

It has more soleil than at Cirque du Soleil…at least some of the days

It has a side show where spectators can get involved, it’s called Winkipop, and it’s as good as Bells

It is funnier than Cirque du Soleil… you should hear the commentators at Bells. One said that Kelly Slater’s turns gave his goose bumps goose bumps!

The only thing that is better at Cirque du soleil is the music… Yep, they played Gangnam Style at the Rip Curl pro!
Don’t ask me why I made the comparison, since it seems incomparable… maybe because both are unbelievably awesome shows, both crews of athletes are freaks, all perform feats that seem completely undo-able and you will never forget what you see.

Here is the short film, with Taj Burrow, Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Adriano De Souza, Bede Durbidge, Jordy Smith…

Photos by old mate John Gibbens, again!


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