Huanchaco, friendliest village in Peru?

Small town near Trujillo, 8h north of Lima

Glassy (but small) waves for 4 days

Empty beach break in front of the hostel

Eat for 4 Soles ( $1.2!) at the market

Great food, great locals, again!

Met a funny Irish dude, keen to go surfing up North with me

At the time of posting this, I have actually been away from Huanchaco for 2 weeks and just got back after some time in Lobitos and Chicama… so good here even if the surf is not world class!

And here is the short movie on Huanchaco:

If you ever go there, I really recommend to stay at Hostel Meri (previously called Hostel Lily). It’s affordable: 25 soles/ $10 for private room or 10 soles for dorm, and super friendly. The the owner Yenth is a shaper so any ding in your board could be fixed on the spot or a new board is around AUD/USD300.

Huanchaco is a good base to surf Chicama or Pacasmayo as it is about 2hours away (6 soles by bus). Chicama needs a solid South West swell to work properly (7 to 12 foot) otherwise it goes flat so it is good idea to base yourself here and just go to Chicama when the forecast is good. Francesco, local surfer, is known to everyone here, and would take you to Chicama for a few soles whenever he goes… just look out for him in front of the surf (he has a Ford 4wd and pair of binoculars!). You can see him in my Puerto Mori video.

Coming from Lima, expect to pay 60 soles for 8h of pure luxury with Oltursa bus: pretty much the equivalent of business class with food, wifi on the bus and seat/beds better than anything I’ve seen before.

Coming from Lobitos, it takes also 8h with ITTSA bus. They are pretty basic buses but you can still recline your seat more than in European or US buses, and it cost 30 soles.

The taxi from Trujillo to Huanchaco is about 15 soles and takes 15 minutes… it’s all very easy!


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