Black suits in White Fjords, Alaska

Greenland, by bike


Shaka from Kamchatka, Russia


Climbing Mont Blanc


Crossing Lesotho, to get to Africa’s highest pub


5 years of surf trips


Western Sahara, in between swells

Searching the Shumagin Islands – Alaska

Happily trapped – Alaska part 1

South – Australia

Castle Point, NZ

Rwanda, north to South on a push bike

There and back, Australia

Gone inland – Victoria, Australia

Raglan cuz – New Zealand

Down South, 1664 – Victoria, Australia

King Island, cruising – Australia

Victoria with friends – Australia

South Coast – Afternoon skate, Torquay – Australia

Winter wonderland, Canada & USA

Pacific Northwest Shenanigans, Alaska & Canada

Ringing it in, Bells Rip Curl Pro 2013, Australia

One Classic Autumn day, Winkipop, Australia

Wilson’s Prom, Australia

Dudes in the dunes, Australia

NZ, Bro!

Pichilemu, Chile

Galapagos, majestic. Ecuador

La cuidad perdida, Colombian jungle

Sailing to Colombia, or trying to…

Cuba, unique

Puerto Escondido, heavy waves in Mexico

Margarito, Mexican bushman

El Salvador, no swell, nice journey

Tranquilo, somewhere in Nicaragua

Facing west, waiting for the swell

Puerto Sandino, Nicaragua

Long night, fishing with the locals in Nicaragua

Diacachimba, 3 great weeks in Nicaragua

Colorado, Barrels in Nicaragua

Panama City, great vibe, amazing canal

Panama, Small waves & Magic places

Pacasmayo, Big swell, Peru, August 2012

Puemape, a quiet little place, Peru

Chicama, World’s longest wave, Peru

Lobitos (weird place), Peru

Puerto Mori, Peru

Huanchaco, Peru

Lima & Puerto Azul, Peru

Telo Island, Sumatra, Indonesia

Mont Blanc, France

Lombok, Indonesia


9 thoughts on “Videos

  1. As Z-man on Swellnet;
    Watched the Nica and Chica vids. – excellent photography both! Going to Chica coming Jun for a month. Will be in CR/Nica from Nov-Mar. Hope to surf a few places I did back in the ’70’s/’80’s? Will post photos too.


  2. Fr-Aussie Ben, Just settling back into snowy Montana after a few therapeutic weeks in Nica. Great to meet you, amigo. Since returning home, I’ve had more of a chance to check out your videos. You’re killing it, brah! Mucho gusto & que le vaya bien, Miguel de Montana


    1. Hey mate, I was there in July & August. Peru (and Chile) work well with SW swell. The best season is April to October (their Winter). Northern Peru & Ecuador work with NW swells. Cheers. Ben


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