Ben & Laura

G’day and welcome to a blog originally designed to document a surf trip through the Americas in 2012 and 2013. I have kept traveling since, and met Laura! We still enjoy sharing the good times with our friends and families via this blog. While Laura does her magic with photography, I film bits & pieces to share our little adventure and bring back nice memories.


Ben Herrgott & Laura Wilson, from Bells Beach – Australia

19 thoughts on “Ben & Laura

  1. Benny, need an honest opinion of the potatonator – theyre still struggling to get mine in for me but looks like maybe monday – meanwhile my mate has offered me his a dick van straalen carbon fibre 6 foot quad fish that i also like – but just wondering if you think the potatonator is absolutely amazing for wave catching/paddle power etc. what you reckon?


    1. Brother, the board is really good between 2 & 6ft. Paddle wise, I am not sure if I am bit slow or if the board is not amazing but plenty of ppl are catching more waves than me, on standard short boards!!!!…it doesn’t paddle like the sweet potato but that was to be expected. I reckon you should go for the cheapest of the two!


    2. Salut Ben! Thank you for sharing your beautiful experiences. Your trip looks amazing. Respect for choosing to catch up with the good life.

      Cheers from an old Melbourne friend,



  2. Bonne balade à toi Ben et profites en bien, super le Blog et les photos/Vidéo tu nous fait voyager avec toi c’est coool. Have a nice Trip !!!


  3. I was in Wollongong in 1999 and also spent some time in Byron Bay. Your photos reminded me of my trip to Oz and my feeble attempts at surfing while there. (I was a horrid surfer, but I had a blast, Lol.) Thanks for bringing back such lovely memories! 🙂


  4. Just got up to speed on your blog and am loving the videos as well as the good info on where to stay. Thanks for all the good info- if everything goes to plan I’ll be in C. America for a good 2 months from beginning of Jan to mid March. I’ll definitely keep on following your posts.

    Safe travels,


  5. Il est loin Le temps de sainté et de la rue balaï…Merci de partager ce trip… C est ultra Bon! Cheers mate! Enjoy! Bastien…


  6. Ben-
    Hope you are having a great time in the States with K. It was delightful to spend my birthday celebration with you two- what a special day! Our adventure north was awesome and resulted in a bunch of great photos. We’d love to hear how the ferry ride north and trip through Canada went and see choice photos. Remind K to email anytime with questions about the West as she settles in to BC!
    Best to you both and au revoir,
    Alyson and Scott


    1. Hey guys! Great to hear from you. The trip through Alaska & Canada was unreal. We drove 3500miles and saw amazing stiff at every corner! I just landed back in Australia today so will work on a little film over the next 2 weeks. I will let Katie know. She is currently driving down to San Francisco.Take care. Ben


  7. Hi Ben,

    Firstly, thank you for making it to King Island. Your video is awesome and we are all pleased you enjoyed your stay.

    Due to a dwindling population, the islanders are looking to stimulate tourism here and to share our rustic, unspoiled little gem with others like yourself. Your video captures the essence of the island and with your permission we would like to (obviously crediting/promoting you), send it further afield, to other tourism operators in AUS. ie. to see KI through a tourist’s eyes.. kinda thing..

    Shoot me down if you don’t like the idea, otherwise please don’t hesitate to get in touch,

    Safe travels,

    Tim Woodburn


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