Pacific Northwest Shenanigans

The film (Watch it in  HD, it will look better…)

As always, we were lucky from the start…not just for being there, but for finding the perfect van (‘the egg’) in the first few days, having  only 1 day of rain during the whole trip, seeing more bears (ten!) than even the locals do (though I’m pretty sure they don’t look for them every second like we did!), and booking our 3-day ferry to Alaska the night before… when most people had booked a year in advance! Anyway, I’ll stop bragging and instead give you a little summary of our joys:

  • Camping in our pimped up 1991 Toyota van – ‘Egg’ was as comfy and easy as everything in this world should be!
  • Setting up camp on the deck of the Alaska ferry, surrounded by 100s of islands, mountains & glaciers, and a few wales too.
  • Sleeping in camp spots out of a movie set; with rivers & lakes so blue they looked photoshoped. (We did occasionally got destroyed by mozzies sneaking into the van through the air vents during the night!)
  • Mountain biking in Jasper, which got us pretty excited about doing it more and better…we did, ending in some particularly painful and interesting injuries (you might have to ask Katie about hers…!)
  • Driving through Vancouver Island through the logging trails… and coming out the other side with a 5mm-thick dust cover inside the van!
  • Trying to surf 1/2 foot waves in Tofino, but still feeling like we’d done something pretty cool… not to mention very cold!
  • Coming across the hippiest hippies doing interpretive dance in Nelson, British Colombia
  • Getting inspired to run hiking trails instead of walking them, thanks to our Vancouver-couch-surfing-host who does 100 miles running races… and goes for 8h runs for fun!
  • Finally seeing our first moose, or Caribou, or Elk, or whatever it was…!
  • Downhill mountain biking in Whistler, where the trails are so groomed, they look like bobsled tracks…
  • Getting up close (real close!) to guys dressed up like super heros for the downhill skateboarding World Cup in Whistler
  • Driving 6000ks on National Geographic-looking roads, through mind-blowing mountains, valleys and forests

This list is getting too long but you get the gist of it… Basically it’s time you put Canada and Alaska on YOUR list!


9 thoughts on “Pacific Northwest Shenanigans

  1. Another brilliant, evocative film. Nice work, Ben. I’m at Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City this week. Swimming in a sea of brands, gear and groovy-du-jour. How goes it for you? Cheers, Mike H.

    MIKE HARRELSON m 406-581-2879 h 406-587-8827 Skype: michaelsharrelson Facebook TwitterYada *** Now offering slightly hipper access via gmail, Please update me in your address book.

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  2. So exciting. On aura du mal a trouver des ours aux Buttes Chaumont.. mais Matt le déginglo est capable dans imaginer traversant la cour du Louvre


  3. Amazing fil Ben. Thought about you today and remebered you had a website so i came to look it up. Awesome. I heard you down in jan juc now. Tace care. xxx


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