15 years in a hammock

I recently met this lovely wise man in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. He suggested that I might want to visit where he lives; in a lagoon 30 minutes out of town… off we went. He took great pleasure in showing me around. Of course the place looked magical. What was most impressive and contributed to an unusual and very soothing atmosphere was the intensity of the silence. There were some exotic birds and apparently crocodiles & snakes live there too. What was most impressive & interesting was him, Margarito! A unique character with a big heart and so much wisdom. He has been living in his hammock for 15 years. He moves it depending on how he feels like, from one side of this huge lagoon, to the other. If it gets too hot, he just parks his canoe in the middle of the lagoon and sleeps there. He doesn’t fish in the lagoon, avoiding contributing to the issue of overfishing. He spends his nights reading philosophy and learning new languages, using his lamp torch. I visited his house, the largest house there is on earth according to him: the whole lagoon.


10 thoughts on “15 years in a hammock

  1. Just fantastic watching as you travel. The music you put with each show is fabulous. Looking forward to the next one.


  2. Magnifique rencontre. Merci de nous l’avoir fait partager (et d’avoir laissé le son de sa voix). Vivement le prochain post car j’aurai aimé que ca dure des heures….


  3. You are incredible Benjamin. You meet cool dudes everywhere you go and I am loving the blogs. Peace and love, jungle is massive.


  4. Hermano, it seems like you are learning a bit more than how to pull in to a barrel! Keep your eyes & heart open, there’s a lot of magic out there! Que te vaya bien!



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